Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The house not old, but creaking.
The constructing quality? Oh so sadly lacking.
Looking up, is the ceiling leaking?
The rain was strong, the siding rattling-shaking-swaying.
Did the water underneath get blown then seep
into-onto the not so dry wall there above me leak?
The insurance will not pay, for damages done this way.
To my store room a ladder grabbed
 and to the ceiling my finger stabbed
and it.. must… be… said,
not watching ladder height, up the steps I took hasty flight
 with a bang and a bump as I looked up
oh my head,
intimately met the ceiling’s top.
And yet to my relief, though pain up on my head
was not such fun and that can too be said,
Just dust bunnies and nasty nail pops
and down the ladder I was carefully led.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Quantum Mechanics on Strike

My I-pad won’t work and I ain’t no jerk.

My screen stopped scrolling, and my keyboard’s corroding.

My FiOS and bios are fried.

Quantum Mechanics on strike!

As for craft in the heavens and jets that fly,

that fly by wire and computer alighted?

Just tumble, down from the sky.

Quantum Mechanics on Strike!

An approach broached, grounded and not theoretical.

Controlled-through by digital, your autos mechanical,

now crashing, bashing and thoroughly smushed.

Quantum Mechanics on Strike!

QED and Maxwell’s equations,

the keys to  life’s situations?

Quantum Mechanics on Strike!

An end as you know it.

To the 19th century, or earlier?

You’ll go it!

Quantum Mechanics on Strike!

Still got gravity’s push

It ain’t all that much.

But without it, good-bye tush.

Quantum Mechanics on Strike!

We want parity with reality.

No spin around, no up, and no down.

No lucky charms or Feynman yarns.

A union with relative’s theology!

Quantum Mechanics on Strike!

It may take some work.

We know you’re not jerks.

We’re not diabolical,

just quantum mechanical.

So give us the same:

relativity’s unity claimed.

Quantum Mechanics on Strike!

The End

Thursday, September 17, 2015


I decided to get out of the house, home office. There is no humidity to speak of, the temperature is quite pleasant and I’m waiting for the delivery of a drawing by an artist that painted a painting 2 years ago that I let slip through my hands for good reasons, my wife had just been laid off. The painting was one of those that stayed on my mind all night, a clue that I really wanted it, and just looking at it brought back the memory of the smell, the perfume of the streets of NYC in the early morning when I would be going to The Art Students League. This drawing is the sketch for that painting.

That memory sense, the reality of the past as I remember it, and today all came together the first time I saw it. This brings me to the meat of the editorial, reality and art. Can art, writing, visual representations (film or otherwise) and possibly music, reflect reality or can reality reflect an avant-guard mindset that lays hidden, but yet connected to humans around the globe?

I don’t know the answer to that. What I do know is that sometimes science fiction, and historical prognostication do at times meld with reality. Specifically I am referring to My story They Never Knew a modern Fairy Tale and the reality of cyber war as we hear about it, and then the parts we don’t hear about.

My story was taken from bit of data that were there in the open for all to see if they had a desire to.-no blame just reality. A few years later the national Academy of Sciences published a study on Net-centric Security issues, which outside the specific aim of the subject-The Navy, read like they used my story as an outline.

That was 2010. It’s now 2015 August and what do we have? I still see no coherent response to one of the main thrust of the subject of my story and the NAS book, the lack of inherent security in the devices we use every day due in a great part to where the devices are manufactured and all that that fact implies.  

My story took the facts at the time and with a bit of crystal balling it, I made some wild guesses as to what could possibly occur in our lifetime. And as I have seen are occurring, here and there, and yet, even though I see the hand wringing, and hear the talking-heads speak to the need of hardening the infrastructure, blah blah blah , I only see more of the same problems and potential problems.

So what’s my point?

My point is that we as artists of different skill-sets sometimes see what those in power fail to recognize because of their stupidity, greed, usually lots of greed, and ignorance. I really wrote that story as a “heads up”. Only one person in the field of cyber war called me and in a humorous but serious manner warned me, and I quote, “I would never hear the bullet that got me.”

As Sun Zi said, the ultimate skill of a general is to win the war without firing a shot.  While shutting down the infrastructure is an act of war, no missiles would be fired. The software and hardware made in China would see to that. Only a few switches would be thrown.

Bring the jobs and technology back home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


The visible----the classic observation made

making all else………. at that point, collapse


an illusion

@ least becomes a visible alternative;

universes for all the others and I am here

and still sometimes there too?

mentally connected/straddling

wondering did I


an illusion?

Didn’t  I,

I swear I said it to you……and

you deny that reality.


the other, a dream away,

to happen again as I split away

from this the only trail I have

my only road map

my writing.


And this too I wonder if the other of me

or where ever or whom ever

his notebook too


thinking, wondering similar things

of poems stories and sketches

classical art, or not.

Did I say that to you?