Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The house not old, but creaking.
The constructing quality? Oh so sadly lacking.
Looking up, is the ceiling leaking?
The rain was strong, the siding rattling-shaking-swaying.
Did the water underneath get blown then seep
into-onto the not so dry wall there above me leak?
The insurance will not pay, for damages done this way.
To my store room a ladder grabbed
 and to the ceiling my finger stabbed
and it.. must… be… said,
not watching ladder height, up the steps I took hasty flight
 with a bang and a bump as I looked up
oh my head,
intimately met the ceiling’s top.
And yet to my relief, though pain up on my head
was not such fun and that can too be said,
Just dust bunnies and nasty nail pops
and down the ladder I was carefully led.

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